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Bully (Fall Away, #1) - Penelope Douglas Don't be blinded by the cruel title.

Bullying is a very sensitive topic. This novel surely didn't make it seem like a walk in the park. The circumstances of both main characters made me frustrated, angry and angsty. However, I was very much consumed by Tate's pov. She's a very resilient character indeed. I was always cheering for her in my head, Everytime she does something out of he blue, I was waving imaginary pompoms in front of my screen. You see, she didn't really know why all of a sudden her bestfriend became her worst nightmare. She didn't know why he kept picking on her. I was so happy when she pushed to find out what had really happened to that boy. I guess I thought that as a victim and as an x best friend, she deserved to know. When it was already revealed, I was like... "Oh so that's why.. hmm.. sucks. Now moving on...." haha yeah, I was kinda impatient to know whay the characters will do after getting past that point. As ot turns out, it went the way I expected it to go. happy times!

Jared is not really a big mystery. I dunno, I never really saw him as a bad guy. I just saw him as a frustrated, love-thirsty guy who's so in love with our main character that he beats up every guy who even thinks of asking her out. Classic bully-has-a-crush-on-you move. I was very satisfied with his character here because he managed to make Tate understand that really, it wasn't her fault. I love that he uses his bully persona mainly to protect Tate. It's so cute when you think about it in a lighter way. I think that after years of bullying, he finally realized how badly he fucked up. He's a big sweetheart when it came to Tate. I was wondering where I could get a guy like this when I was almost finished.

This novel has a different feel in it, Oh what I wouldn't give to know some of Jared's thoughts right now. I hope that there's something like a bonus scene and such....

So there hands down. Great idea for the plot. :)

P.S. Geri! thanks for the recommendation. Loved it!