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MacRieve - Kresley Cole Frankly, I'm quite disappointed.

I thought that this novel will be as epic as the last one in the series... but sadly, no. :(

Will is a lykae who has a very traumatic past. PAST being the operative term, lemme just say that he blew this book away in a negative way. Chloe is a professional soccer player who's not really a normal human. Unfortunately for her, she gets to be partnered to a guy who hates her kind.

I don't like Will. He's so self-involved and he didn't care much for his mate. Well, he did.. then he didn't .. then poof! HE CARED AGAIN. He was giving me a whiplash. UGHHH. I can't believe how fast he turned on his mate. A mate that he clearly adored before finding out what she really is. It didn't matter that she really didn't know what she was at first. It didn't matter that he was trash talking an innocent and it didn't matter that he SHAMED HER PUBLICLY. I also do not appreciate and can't get over the "VOMITING" scene. I mean.. VOMITING? REALLY? WTF. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?? Then when you DECIDE that you believe her, you expect her to fall right head over heels in a click? AFTER ALL THE HUMILIATION? I can't believe Chloe took him back almost right away. Hmpf. He deserved being broken down and all that! Chloe wasn't even given a fighting chance! her character started on a strong note then ended up being a helpless creature that can only grow stronger wih Will, I know she's caring and all that, I just didn't see her as a wallflower, but that's what happened.

I also didn't like the sports references. I dunno.. it just.. didn't belong? Hmmm..

This book ended in a good way. However, I feel as if something is missing. My friend who I buddy read with would agree with this: This is not a memorable story.

I hope that the next one would be better and when I say better, I MEAN REALLY REALLY BETTER.