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Vampire Mine (Alpha and Omega, #3) - Aline Hunter I have waited for Trey's story for such a long time so I read it they day of the release. After reading it, I actually wanted to give it 2 stars. However, I stopped myself and mulled over this for a while. Now I've decided to give it a 4. Now, the question is... Why 4?

Trey's character is so much like the other ones. He's got the three P's going... PROTECTIVE, POSSESSIVE and PHENOMENAL. If you ask me, he has more than made up for how asshole-ish he was to Sadie in the last book. Well, he was still struggling when it comes to priorities, but eventually, he was able to see the light and balance things out. I like that he knows he did wrong and admits to it. I love hat he wanted to do everything in his power to make up for it.

Sadie on the other hand, is my heroine through and through. She's been through hell when it comes to Trey and she deserves every good thing. I love how patient and how self-giving she is in ghis book. I love that even though Trey is a badass alpha, she can stand on her own. I love that she never backs down and I love that she's just plain badass. I also love how loyal she is to Trey from the first book and down to this book.

The story is still very good. Lots of action and there were still steamy scenes. However, I was kinda bothered. I was still able to get a glimpse of our older characters...and that's a good thing AND a bad thing. I think I just saw too much of our OMEGA MINE protagonists. I mean, I love them really, but this is Trey's book. I wish they didn't steal so much of the limelight especially Ava. There's a deep plot going on and I honestly don't know if the bad guy is really a bad guy or he's just trying to be a bad guy. See my confusion there? -_- I was also bothered by the sudden switch of POVs. I wasn't truly interested in what the other characters are hinking. All I wanted was a nice, hot, action packed TREY♥SADIE book, instead, what I got was TREY♥SADIE+other characters book. Hmmm.. Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised because this also happened in Emory's book, but not so much.

Anyway, I'm giving it a four because, I really love Trey and Sadie. It's supposed to be their book only so my rating is for their pairing and their scenes.

P.S. I finished this book really quickly. I wonder if it's because I was skipping a lot of other people's povs.. hmm..