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Towering - Alex Flinn I hate to admit it, but clearly, COVER ISN'T EVERYTHING.

I am a big fan of Rapunzel. She's my disney princess. Even when Tangled wasn't out yet, I always always found Rapunzel to be magical, wondrous and very interesting. When I first got a glimpse of this book, I HAD SKY HIGH HOPES. Is it my problem that I set my dreams so high? Oh well.. I guess we can't really have it all, eh?

This book has a damn great cover, I'll give you that. Unfortunately, that's the best thing that I can say about it.

The story of Towering revolved around Wyatt, a boy who experienced a tragic thing and is then shipped off to a far away place to relax and maybe let go of the past. It's also about Rachel, a girl who is locked up in some tower because the outside world is "so dangerous". It had promise, yes. At first, the mysteries were all very interesting. I wanted to uncover them all right away. But then, I noticed that the mysteries just kept on coming and coming and coming until I was soooo unnerved by them and honestly, in the end, there were still some questions left unanswered. Even though it had lots of mysteries, I can truly say that there were lots of parts wherein I said "I knew that". It was kinda predictable. It's hard to explain, really, but that's how I felt.

It was also very swift. I mean, they meet the first time then they kiss. Then they say they love each other. Then they say that they feel as if the already know each other, "as if" being the operative phrase. I mean, ugh... it became very very very very CHEESY after they met each other, it wasn't even funny. *GAG*

Then there was the "DRUG". Yes, the main conflict here is that people are addicted to a drug called rhapsody and that Rachel's destiny is to use her powers (yep, she has powers from her hair and her tears) to stop the drug that's been eating the town's people up.

In the end, all I could say was "that's it?".

I have so many questions:

>WHO AND WHERE IS ZACH (I know that he has good intentions and that he's a nephew of whatever)? WHY DID HE DO WHAT HE DID AND THEN LEAVE?
>WHAT IS DANIELLE? A GHOST? A VAMPIRE?(cuz she kept on saying let me in let me in)

Oh well, I guess they would really be left unanswered.

I didn't like this book and I'm really sad about it. I had high hopes. -_-

If you want a great Rapunzel book, I'd rather recommend Cindy C. Bennett's "Rapunzel Untangled". That book was fun.

My reaction when I first added this:

Hey Rapunzel, I'm a big fan!! *CHILDLIKETEENAGEGUSH*


and i keep wondering wondering wondering wondering.. when will my life begin?

awwww this just reminds me of Tangled! I wish I could get an arc or something... hmmm