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The Genius and the Muse - Elizabeth   Hunter This is a beautifully written story.

Even though it started on a very confusing tone to me, it kind of redeemed itself in the middle.

The timeline, the pacing and even the multiple povs all have their purpose.

Let's put it out there that this book is a story of TWO COUPLES. I'm telling you that now so that you won't be confused like I was at the start of the book. It has four different povs, which to me, were all gradually introduced, so he transition is quite good.

Btw, I consider Kate and Javi the main couple here.

The plot was created to be very mysterious and puzzling. Puzzling because evey now and then, there would be hints dropped here and there about the other couple. The story actually revolved around the story of Sam and Reed, but since it's Kate who helped them both, I consider her the main heroine.

It's hard to explain how I feel, really. I feel like it's all very dramatic, but not in a bad way. It's more like necessary drama because of all the things that happened to them.

What I liked was how the couples were with each other. They're both just so in love and so sweet to read about. I liked how this book focused on the love part rather than anything else. It made both couples shine. I also liked how simple it was for Kate to be with Javi and how simple it was for Reed to get back with Sam when he right time came. This book is indeed entertaining. It made me smile and laugh, then it also made me feel frustrated and sad.

What I didn't like is how the people around them ( Sam and Reed) talked about them like they were stars or deities rather than real people. I guess artist have really extreme emotions. However, there were times when it was all just too much. Frankly speaking, while reading Kate's conversations with other characters, I wanted to skip it all and just focus on hers and Javi's story or go to the page wherein Sam and Reed will finally get back together.

Anyway, it all worked out well and I must say, both of their stories are beautiful and heart warming. I hope everyone gets those kinds of love. The love that sees past imperfections and the love that makes it hard for you to distinguish dream from reality. ♥♥♥