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Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout This has got to be the most evil cliffhanger that J.A. has ever given and I feel that I now have the right to say... THANK GOD I WAITED FOR THE NEXT ONE.

Katy's character has grown a bit here. She understands more and yet she's still a smart ass. Daemon is.. still Daemon. He's still his cocky self assured self.

If someone asks me what this book was all about, I's say it's about making amends. It was all about Katy's guilt and her need to set things right for everybody. Dawson wants Beth back? Katy will help her. Dee is feeling hurt all over because Adam is still dead (unless this is a cross over of a zombie novel) so Katy gives her all the time that she needs to grieve. Daemon wants her, he has her. It was all about Katy giving everyone what she can. This is good because Katy really needs some glowing recommendation after what happened in the past... however, it's also sad how she was being dissed by others. I wanted to smack Dee more than 10 times in this book.
because she was so friggin stubborn.

Anyway, Katy was able to be with Daemon and stay with him. For a short while everything was good, but complications arise again and again, they had to face the enemy.

To be honest, the ending is the most memorable part of this book. Not only was it frustrating, maddening and stupid... it's also a slap of reality for all of them. I mean, this is a big glowing sign that the things that are happening are bigger than them.

Lucky me, I have the next book and can read it right away or else I'll hate the author. ;p