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Untitled (Sea Breeze, #5) - Abbi Glines Abbi Glines has done it again!

She made me love Cage more and I love her more for it. That author can really tell stories!

I was afraid that this sequel will be boring to me, but noooo.. from the start of the book until the end, it kept me engaged.

Cage's character surprised me. He was constantly worrying about Eva. He's always touching her. thinking of her, waiting for her and all that. He was even willing to give up everything for Eva. Just plain sweet. ;)

I already love Cage, but Eva? She shined more here. I love how she loved her daddy and how she took care of him. Her resilience is amazing. I love her for being a a good friend to Jeremy and even to Cage's friends. She accepted the gang all too easily. I love how she reacted to Cage. Her constant love for Cage and her forgiving heart won me over all the more.

Of course, this also ends on a happy note. Now, I can sleep. :) (it's 2a.m. now in my country).... OH MY I JUST NOTICED THAT I ALSO FINISHED THE FIRST BOOK OF CAGE AT AROUND 2AM TOO!! just.. wow! ♥♥♥

I hope there's a novella out there for Eva's labor. I just love babies and pregnant ladies. :)

P.S. Just like the other novels in this series, I'm glad that the author lets us take a peek of the other main characters. Congratulations Low! I hope your kid ends up with Cage's kid! hahaha that would be great! ^_^