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Price of a Kiss - Linda Kage Well that was different.

I have never read a gigolo story that has a mixture of fun, exciting, serious, action and hot scenes.
Price of a kiss gave all that and some more.

Both characters are seriously interesting. Reese, is a fun young woman who smiles a lot and who loves Mason not just for his physicality, but also for his love of his family and his ability to sacrifice. I was pretty much uncomfortable with Mason's job or ex-job rather from start to finish. I just couldn't wrap my mind around it. However, as opposed as I was to his job, he's such a sweet, funny and endearing guy that I think I also fell a little for him. His relationship with Reese is so complicated and also so light. Does that make sense? The way they talk to each other is very light and yet, their situation is so very complicated. One psycho stalker and lots of cougars around makes it very, very complicated. I am amazed with the honesty that these two have for each other. I mean, if people could just talk to each other like this? Oh man, we can reduce war. When they finally admitted things to each other, it's like really watching normal people. Yeah, it is that believable.

I admire the author for putting it all together. The plot is good and I like how it ended. I was rooting for them MOVING INTO ANOTHER STATE and I technically got what I wanted. :)

This was a very entertaining read. Things that I thought would make me stop reading it actually made me finish it! I wish that more books have this mixture. :)