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Simple Perfection (Perfection, #2) - Abbi Glines This is one good sequel!

To be honest, I was prepared to hate Woods all over again. I thought that with his dad dead, he was gonna come back and not think of Della anymore.. but nooooo, ohmy, how he protected that girl! He's very sensitive when it comes to Della so no one can mess with her. I love how he was able to hold on even when Della went far away from him. I love how crazy he is about Della here (and yes, he was.. in this sequel he was like a madman obsessed with Della.. am i weird that I like that? maybe I'm all kinds of effed up too hmm..). I love how he defended and protected her all the way. Della is one lucky girl.

Of course, Woods is also one hot lucky guy because Della may think that she's a weakling, but really, she's not. Her back story here is a lot more enlightening that you'll really be able to accept her.:)

What made this story extra special is their group of friends. I swear, I became envious of Della because she had such great friends. Oh what I wouldn't give to have a Tripp and Braden of my own?!! I really envy them. Even the people around Woods are so supportive in their own ways. Maybe this is also why my heart is still breaking for..... :( ugh, I just can't believe it!! Oh well, it had to be done, I guess. My Tripp deserves his own story so..... but still... :(

Anyhoo, this is still a great read. Miss Glines is such a great story teller and she proved it once again!!! whoooopwooo!!!

Read it! ;p