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Jagged - Kristen Ashley Another good novel from my favorite author. *sigh*

Jagged is about two people who seem to have been first brought together at the wrong time. Many things happen and they drift apart. Then they get back together with a vengeance.

I actually find the main characters to be weirdly mixed. Graham Reece, I think, is the most mellow among KA's badass heroes. Zara, the heroine, is a woman who has been through many, many things, but still managed to live her life. Together, they kind of make an odd pair. When they fight, THEY REALLY FIGHT.. like fight, fight. When they're sweet, they're really really sweet. I can't explain why I find them quite weird. There's just something about their pairing. Also, some parts of their story were pretty predictable.

Anyway, I'm happy to finally know why Ham is the way he is. I like how he explained his side regarding giving the words "I love you" to a person.

“All the time, people say one thing, but they do another. You feel somethin’ for them, you wanna believe what they say but you gotta learn to read what they do. I think, the other night, you got what I meant when I asked you to pay attention. But now, I’m sayin’ all this because I want you to know why that man is me. Why I couldn’t give you what you needed, say the words you needed to hear.”
“I understand, baby,” I told him.
“I love you, Zara.”

~~This was very meaningful. I guess I can relate to it. :)

"...love is a show, it’s not a tell."”

I love, love that line.

All in all, this was a good read. Not her best work, but still.. I like it. :)