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Secret Love

Secret Love - Christine Warner The title says it all. It's about a secret love.

An arc was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

This was a short, good and happy read for me.

The book's plot was set in an interesting time frame. It started in 1955, so the story was set at a colorful time in the past. It gives us a glimpse of the older ways. ;) It's a bit corny in some places, considering that I am a reader from the 21st century and all that, but it's still cute. It's kind of predictable when it comes to the romance part, but hey, it's all part of its charm.

Lizzie had a big crush on our hero (Wayne) when she was very young. Needless to say, Lizzie's age made it impossible for Wayne to pay any sort of attention her. That's blow number one, blow number two is that Lizzie confessed her umm.. love for Wayne a long time ago and she never got over him. Wayne on the other hand may not have noticed Lizzie before because of various reasons, one of them is Lizzie being the sister of his best friend (which I don't really understand... Why is it so bad to be in love with your bff's sister? Is there some kind of guy code here that I'm missing? LOL), but now HE NOTICES HER alright. He can't get her out of his mind. The way he describes her, it's like she's his sun. He says she brightens up the room no matter what. *sigh*

The story gradually takes us on their journey to confessing. Like I said, it's short, sweet and pretty nice. The only thing that I find lacking here are some other details about both of their families. I would've wanted more details on Lizzie's brother. :)

Anyway, to sum it all up, this is a quick, good read. Worth your time and effort. :)