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Prescribed (The White Coat Series Book 1)

Prescribed (The White Coat Series Book 1) - D.D. Parker This was a very short read for me. Took me less than an hour and it's an okay read.

I was lured by the cover. I swear. It's enticing and romance readers like me are most likely to pick this up because of it.

The story is all laid out from the start. The girl has an abusive boyfriend and she couldn't get out of the relationship because she afraid that the guy will harm himself. She has so many fears for the guy and her internal monologues pretty much occupied most of this book. Her struggles are timely for women of today. Needless to say, she's the focus of this book.

It's sad to say, but the hero on the other hand, didn't have a lot of participation in this book. Maybe it's just because this book is too short. If this had a hundred more pages, I would've loved the hero. He's a really nice guy. Frankly speaking, I hated the heroine for not saying straight away that she had a boyfriend and that she was being abused etc. She didn't have the courage to be fully honest with him.

Anyway, in the end, I'd like to believe that she has learned her lesson. All in all, this was still an okay read. I'll be reading the next book too. :)