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Hostage Run (The MindWar Trilogy)

Hostage Run (The MindWar Trilogy) - Andrew Klavan 2 "you-just-can't-end-it-there" stars!!!

This book is once again action packed and with a lot of twists. However, if you browse through my comments while reading this, you'd know that I'm not such a big fan of the protagonist, Rick now. He's not such a big hero to me because of his attitude towards a being in a game.

Before I go to the bad part, I just want to say that I appreciate the action scenes. The characters are tougher and more adaptable now. I love, love Molly and Victor One!!! They were the main characters in my head. What an adventure! The two of them has good chemistry. I wish Molly would just... *sigh* Anyway, the plot is pretty straightforward. They have to save the world from a guy who think he can own the world via virtual reality. It's an ambitious plot, but the author managed to make me think that this could really be happening, so kudos to that.

Now we go to the love part, which truly should be amended although it's not the main topic of the book.

The virtual reality girl in the game.

I mean, I know that she could be a real girl too, sure, but he doesn't even know her! She's a water creature in the game world for goodness sake. He goes saving her instead of doing his main goal which is to save the world. I hate how torn he is about it when another girl is waiting for her. Another girl who is REAL and a girl that he has known practically his entire life. -_- In the book, he says that he could be falling for the water girl... ummm.. dude, she just saved you, like IN THE GAME, and you met her what? Like less than 8 hours? (He can only be in the game for 60 minutes or something and that's still limited since he can't go there every time or else his mind will be ruined literally).

Rick, if I have it right, you don't really know the girl! Think hard on that, mister!

I know there's a twist somewhere here which will only be revealed in the third book. Looking forward to that and finally wrapping this series up.

Still an entertaining read though.