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The Duality Principle

The Duality Principle - Rebecca Grace Allen SHORT, HOT, PROFOUND.

Be yourself.

It's something that people say over and over again, and yet only a few dares to follow.

Gabby and Connor are two characters who can't help but hide their real selves for different reasons. All around Gabby, people have certain expectations of her that when she doesn't conform to it, she gets hurt by their actions or words. On the other hand, Connor had a wild streak before that earned him such a bad rep with everyone in town. This story is them finding the balance between what people want them to be and who they really are.

Frankly speaking, I was opposed to what Gabby was disproving from the start. I always, always think that people can do as many things as they can. She was so darn set on disproving it while her own thoughts betray her. I still like her though because in the end, she did what we women should do. We should just be honest with what we want. Men aren't really the fortune tellers we think they are. :) Sometimes they need a big push and Gabby is successful at that.

I liked how Connor behaved around Gabby. I like how he tries really hard to be what he thinks Gabby would like. It's a show of courage when a man changes his ways for a woman. Little did he know that he need not change at all. :)

The story is pretty straightforward. I wanted to go to the bottom of it already, but the author made me wait, which is not such a bad thing, really. It's the anticipation that makes it even better! :)

HOTNESS FACTOR: 87% and above! ^_^

All in all, this is a short, hot read that will probably apply to many people. It's an authorly reminder that people should just be themselves. It's just added stress when we try to hide. Don't you agree?

I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.