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How to Date a Nerd

How to Date a Nerd - Cassie Mae 4.5
This is one book that will make you stop and think.

In a world wherein status symbols are rampant, this book will make you wish that class is nonexistent.

I think Zoe's character is based on every teen who felt as if they have to hide what they truly are because of what others might think. It's based on every girl who has ever felt bullied because of liking things other people don't like.
You would hate her at first, but man oh man, you'd somehow relate to her at a certain level. That's what happened to me. I'd be a real big hypocrite if I say that I've never felt the need to pretend that I'm something I'm not. I forgave her character because I think I need to give her a break. I need to give real people like her a break and just think of what they're also going through.

Zak on the other hand... is an adorkable boy. He's my new book crush. I like him because he stayed true and because he has such a forgiving heart. I like that best about him. :)

This story is about Zoe finding her way back to what she really was regardless the stares, the gossips and the hate. After all, when all is said and done, the only question is...

Do you like yourself?