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Melancholia - Elle Casey Good start of a YA series.

Imagine meeting your polar opposite.

That'll be pretty weird eh? Weird and yet... awesome.

Malcolm, the bringer of dark feelings is so miserable because he just can't make other people happy. He makes people sad, lonely, miserable, sorrowful and finally suicidal. Rae, on the other hand, is the bringer of light feelings. Even though she makes everybody happy, she's also miserable because these people become so happy with her that eventually, they get high on it.. they obsess about it and eventually smother her. She can even manipulate people with all of her happy sunshine. Both characters are stubborn since they both can't believe that there's a person who's like them, or in this case, the opposite of them. Both characters showed great possibility of maturing in the next book. They both keep to themselves in this one. I hope to see more of them in action for the next book.

I like the uniqueness of the story. It's also fun and exciting with all the mysteries and weird stuff going on. I think it will only get better on the next book. ;D