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The Help

The Help - Kathryn Stockett, Jenna Lamia, Bahni Turpin, Octavia Spencer This book will make you think about many, many things.

I purposefully didn't watch the movie so that I could focus on the book.

The Help is all about life in the U.S. when coloring was still a very, very.. and I MEAN VERY important for ranking people. After reading this, I became even more thankful that I live in the modern time. I believe that people are more compassionate now than before. I hated the rich women in this book. I hated how they look at "colored" people like they were really under them. I also hated how they spread rumors like fire. Most of all, I hated how they treated each other. Singling out a person just cuz he/she was different? Leaving your friend alone when she needs you the most just cuz you don't want the friggin "sort-of-leader" to be angry at you too? Being so damn pretentious to your friend (I could just gag!)? LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES? Are these really the traits of friendships in the old times? Well if that is what friendship meant back then, I wish it never becomes a trend again. Gosh.

This book made me so angry, so sad and yet, strangely... it made me so happy. I was rooting for the colored women who wanted change. I was rooting for that one white woman who also wanted change. I was also rooting for that one white, naive woman who treated a colored help like a real friend. Lastly, I was rooting for that book! That darn book that was the secret of everybody. I loved how they shared their stories in that book. It felt as if they were all true.

I was jumping for joy when they succeeded. I was very happy for them all. I actually don't have a favorite character because when this book changes POV, I instantly love that character.. I don't know why. hmm..

Anyway.. the ending is jump my tiny complaint. It would have been better if it was longer. I wanted to know what'll happen to those mean, hideous, badly-character-deformed women! I wanted to know that they had bad lives after all that they did, especially THAT sort-of-leader! ugh.

All in all.. this is a DAMN GOOD BOOK. One should not skip this. It's a very enlightening, heartfelt and solidly inspirational read.