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If You Leave

If You Leave - Courtney Cole This book isn't as good as I expected it to be. There were moments wherein I wanted to put it down, however, the drama here is quite heart wrenching and that convinced me to read through.

Both characters have their own sordid past. The heroine doesn't trust men and always questions them in her own way.This is due to the fact that her father used to beat the crap out of their mom. Her trust issues are not misplaced, if you ask me. She had a reason for being the way she is. This is why it surprised me that she gave in easily to the hero. I was even aghast at one scene wherein she insisted that they really SLEEP together then she almost dies because the guy strangled her in his sleep.

You can just imagine the guy. He has PTSD and isn't a great company when sleeping since he ends up hurting anyone who sleeps next to him. It's pretty effed up, I tell you. What I hated about him is that he was not smart enough to go to therapy right away. He waited until it was almost too late, to the point wherein he already wants to commit suicide.

Their relationship was kind of doomed from the beginning since their issues clashed. It also irked me that they said they love each other after such a short time. Then suddenly, the girl is broken hearted and cries over the guy whom she just kind of, sort of met. I just don't totally buy it. They got back together after everything, so I guess it's okay.

Hmm... Anyway, the other scenes made me continue this.

I love Pax from the first book, so I had to know that he and Mila are okay.  

The heroine's greatest fear is also my greatest fear, so I felt for her.. A LOT.

The hero also received the forgiveness that he's looking for and that was intense. I cried for him and all that was lost in the story. The moral is not lost to me though.  

All in all, the story may not be perfect, but it had its moments.