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Mine - Katy Evans Women aren't this ridiculous when they're pregnant, are they?

I totally understand the issue regarding Remy being bipolar here. I get it, I accept that he's not just your everyday alpha guy and that it's actually a condition that he was born with.

However, what I don't understand is how ridiculously exaggerated Brooke's character was in this book. I like her just fine in book 1, but in here, she was made out to be a lusty girl with one track mind. She's jealous and she lets her emotions rule her. Ugh. Well, she still has her shiny moments especially when all she wants is to be with Remy, effed up head and all.

Anyway, the plot is good. Not so predictable as I expected it to be and it has nice twists. If you ask me, "Is this novel steamy?", I would say: "YES. 100% with cherry on top."

I will definitely read Remy's pov. Hopefully, it's better than this.