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White Hot Kiss

White Hot Kiss - Jennifer L. Armentrout Only JLA is allowed to make me wait... Okay, maybe Abbi Glines too.


I swear! I'll give my soul to the publishers if they would just give me the next book!!!!!

Why are you doing this to me?!



My reaction is so..... dramatic, even for me. But hey, this book really deserves all the drama! It deserves all of my drama, all of the other readers' drama and then some more! JLA does this every time. EVERY TIME. She makes me wait and I love it and hate it at the same time.

Okay, onto the review proper.

First, the cover. THAT COVER. It had me drooling! I used to tell my friends that it's too bad, JLA's covenant series doesn't have people on the cover. Well, this more than made up for it. I'm waiting for my hard copy as I type this (Oh how I hate it that it takes about a month to get here from bookdepo! >.< ). Definitely a 5 for the cover. It fits the whole book.

Next, we have the characters. The characters are awesome. I mean, even the extra characters have some "Ooommph" in them. I will always admire the way JLA creates such a clear vision of her characters. In my head, they're as clear as a day. I don't 100 % blame my imagination for that because I think it's really the author's writing that makes me imagine it clearly. :)

Layla, the heroine, thinks of herself as a misfit. If you ask me, she's just super special. She had such a weird upbringing that even though she's special (in my eyes), she just brings herself down everytime. I hate that she compares herself to many things, like a mule. She's just worth more than that. She's strong, brave, a little childish, but kinda sweet too. She's infatuated with Zayne, but he's off limits.

Zayne is like the older-non-biological-brother-slash-warden of Layla. I know he likes her. Yes, I KNOW IT, but they can never be together because ahem, Layla is just partly warden. Her other half is a demon and you know how it goes when it comes to halfs right? The oldies don't like it. Messes up with the system and all that. Plus, Zayne already has an intended mate. Ugh. Mate shmate. Anyway, that works for me because frankly, I don't like Zayne much. If he's really in love with Layla, nothing else should've mattered. Mate or no mate, he should've pursued her, but he didn't. He just let Layla feel as if she's his baby sister. LOL.

ROTH... What to say about this demon? As it turns out, demons can really look hot and all delicious. He's witty, charming, naughty and not so nice. He's by far the best demon that I've encountered in YA. He's so protective of Layla and it was so obvious that he wants her for himself. He didn't deny it. In fact, he was vocal about it, but he didn't push. I do think there's more to him though, other than being such a hottie prince of hell. There's a history there that I want to find out. I wanna know his thoughts. I wanna know how he found Layla and what his reaction was to her when he first saw her and during the time that he was following her. I wanna know it all. In short, I WANT A ROTH POV. Like a whole book that contains his thoughts alone. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE ONE. T__________T

Now let's talk about the story.

This is a whole new world to me. I am so happy to have read 3 JLA worlds so far. The first one is the world in covenant, the second one is the world wherein the Luxen are present and this third one... Well let's just say Transformers have met their match. BOOYAH! Gargoyles and demons when transformed are way cooler than Optimus Prime.

To me, it's so great that they really aren't humans. I mean, they shift into humans, but their forms are all different. I like it. It's very interesting. It was like watching my favorite shows when I was younger. The ones wherein the main characters say some magical words like:

"Moon Crystal Power, Make up!".


I know, I know... that cartoon was cute... this book isn't cute because when they transform, IT'S EPIC!!!

Anyway, I like the uniqueness and I like that the author was willing to risk it because let's face it, gargoyles aren't really so nice to look at. LOL. As the story went on, I became a fan of Roth's transformation more. It's easier to imagine and to love with. haha .. and yes, I'm saying this because I'm all for Team Roth.

The story kinda revolves around their powers. The wardens are sent to control the number of demons. Demons want out of hell, wardens don't like that so they fight each other. It's a pretty straight forward plot except when Layla comes into the picture. She's half demon half warden and as you might've already pictured, BEING HALF IS BAD NEWS. She doesn't really fit with the wardens, but since they were the ones who took care of her, she feels obligated to help them. It was drilled in her not to embrace her demon side, which is so ironic considering whose lineage she came from. Roth protects her because it's his job (or so he says) and because of a prophecy. Together, they set to stop that prophecy.

The action parts are good.

The romance parts WERE ALLGOOD.

The ending was soooo baaaddd.... It was so bad because it was so good and then THAT happened! HMPF. But it's still great, all things considered!!!

Which brings me back to my first words.


I swear it's like Opal all over again! haha!

All in all.. This is such a great book. If you love all things paranormal and if you love JLA with all your heart and soul, THIS IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU!