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Rome - Jay Crownover  This book is full of surprises. All good, I can promise you that. ★★★★★★★★★★

Rome is a character that I've been waiting for so long to meet. He was the responsible one back in Rule's book, so I was looking forward to him. As it turns out, Rome is really a good character and his book is so colorful, it'll make you see black, red, pink, green etc..

To me, this was a colorful read because even though it's indeed full of angst, it also made me laugh hard. It made me mad and it also made me want to look up   pictures of military guys just so I can drool over them. ;p

My dear Rome is lost without his military people beside him. He misses having something to do and he misses having a concrete purpose. He was having such a sour time and he was acting all mean and hulkish when suddenly, my punk rock pixie, Cora enters his life.

With Cora as the heroine, this book surely had me captivated. I love her character because she's so.. TINKERBELL ish. She helps people out with relationship or personal problems. She couldn't resist helping Rome too and that worked out well because I think they really needed each other.

One thing led to another and they were obviously on the same boat. Love was inthe air, but Rome was the first one to admit it. That took guts. I love it that he ditched   the norm of commitmentphobes. Once he got his shitstraight, he was "all in".

The complication regarding Cora's feelings wasn't really that big of a deal to me. I knew she'll pull herself together. However, the complication regarding the biker dudes... THAT, I didn'see coming. I swear, I cried for him!   I can honestly say that I loved Rome more at the end of this book. He's a real hero and his actions is something that a reader like me can be proud of.  

The plot surely felt well-thought-of. The connections, the surprises as well as the closures that the characters got were all nicely woven that I even jumped for joy in some of them. ^_^

This book sure is made of something amazing. It made me feel good inside. I'm also happy for the bits and pieces of information that I got about the other characters. I'm glad they're doing well. :)  

♥Looking forward to Nash's book as well as Rowdy's and maybe someday, Asa. :)