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Wide Open

Wide Open - Shelly Crane Good sequel.  

Frankly speaking, I was skeptic about this book because aside from having the lamest name (a chocolate energy drink, really Miss Crane? I love you, but you can do better than that! Haha!), I thought that Milo is a selfish jerk and it was hard to imagine him having his happily ever after with him being like that. In my defense, he really was a jerk.  

Anyway, I gave it a shot and I did enjoy his book. I just read Wide Spaces and I believe that the timeline is pretty well written. It picks up while and after that book. Mason's insecurity regarding Milo is still fresh to me, so you can just imagine my hatred towards Milo for being so self absorbed. I guess I should really forgive his character for that because he was young and stupid. I was so glad when it came to the part wherein he's saying that he got help from a pastor and a shelter. I believe that he really wanted to change. Then came the heroine.  

What can I say about Maya? Aside from being far from being perfect, she's also very, very AND I MEAN VERY UNLUCKY. It bears repeating because seriously, life hadn't been kind to the girl. She experienced blow after blow of unluckiness. You might think that these are just plain, simple unluckiness, but no. All of her family members seem to die out in front of her. Her mom, her dad, dead... And now her brother is also dying. A girl can only take so much. Honestly, I don't believe that there's a girl as strong as her in real life. She lost so much, and yet she's still willing to give hope and help to others. I guess her only problem here is that she's afraid to open up because of her reservations regarding loved ones leaving her. I admire her character. Actually, she's kinda like Emma. The Emma before coma was also kind of a bitch ass princess right? This time, Maya is a reformed addict. Both girls have strong pasts that they overcame.  

Anyway, bad things happen here after another, it's actually full of angst, push and pulls... As in they push away each other many times, but they never manage to stay away. Lol.

Even though this book may make you feel exhausted because of the angst and push-pulls, you'd also enjoy their relationships. The characters have such vivid roles that you can't see them as anything but what the author wants them to be. The plot is also good... Well, nothing beats WIDE AWAKE for me, but this one comes out as a good number 2.  

Once again, I'm glad I gave it a shot. Good read. :)