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The Rockstar I've Loved for So Long

The Rockstar I've Loved for So Long - Marian Tee Clearly, cover isn't everything.

Yeah, I was lured by the cover. Lol. Looked hot.

Anyway, I was first deterred by the number of pages. I didn't know that this is a novella. The story was congested. It was pushed and pushed to make this one story that has so many time jumps and holes. I found myself asking lots of questions that were never even answered when the book ended.

I guess the conflict of the book made me interested enough to finish it. However, the guy is really an ass who needs his balls cut off. I understand that driving the girl away is like a knee jerk reaction because of his baggage, but maaannn, does he really have to do it over and over again? I felt as if the girl was without a backbone because shd just lets the guy do whatever. Ugh. I honestly didn't want her to go back to the guy since I don't buy his "I've-changed" attitude. Lol, if this is a series, the author has to face the challenge of not letting the guy's character to become a complete jerk again.