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The Last Boyfriend

The Last Boyfriend - J.S. Cooper This was a short, weird read.

I think I just read this because of the cover. In fact, this book has been in my reading library for a long time and I never had the chance to pick it up. Not until recently, that is.

The Last Boyfriend - Cool title eh? I couldn't agree more. I thought that this meant that the guy wants to really be the last boyfriend of the girl. However, it didn't turn out this way. Well in the end, the guy sort of wanted to be the last boyfriend .. but.. oh well.

Do you know that feeling wherein you introduce a guy friend and a girl friend to each other and the girl says that she's not attracted to the guy when you can feel it like it's almost vibrating that she's attracted to him and tries her darndest to be noticed! She speaks one thing then acts the opposite. That's how this book felt like.

This book is all about Lucky, a girl who's a reformed player. She partied in the past and she tried to change because one of her boyfriends dumped her while making her realize what a life she led. She had this list about her last boyfriend. She set her goals and she was determined to follow it... "WAS" being the operative word. She meets Zane... THE PLAYER and is instantly attracted to him. YES, SHE WAS INSTANTLY ATTRACTED, but she was like any other woman who's faced with a handsome man who's liked by all, she kept her cool and acted as if it was nothing since she wanted a guy who'll stick with her. This went on for about a few pages. Then she became such a girl!! I hated her right away when she practically threw herself on Zane even when Zane was pushing her away. I hated that all of her reservations and her darn list was all thrown out the window the moment this guy stirred her hormones! I also didn't like the part wherein she was saying that she can change the guy and all that. I mean, wow... you agreed to his proposition, then you want to change him? wow.. just.. wow. Her character kept on deteriorating in my opinion.

This book is also about Zane and his brother issues. I know it's not resolved yet because there are sequels to this one. However, even though it had a sequel, I don't understand the secrecy. Why not just flat out say that his brother is dead and his connection to Braydon so that Lucky could've just avoided the drug dealing bonehead from the start? Gosh, men are so weird.. or this book is just weird. lol

Anyway, all in all, I'd give this a 2.5. Nice try.