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Taste of Torment

Taste of Torment - Suzanne  Wright PUUUURRRRRFECT. AMAZEBALLS. AWE-EFFIN-SOME, MAGNI-FRIGGIN-CENT!!! What more adjectives do you guys need to make you understand that you have to read this series? IT'S IMPERATIVE THAT YOU READ IT!!! Do it! Grab it right now!

This series has been close to my heart for the longest time. Maybe it's because ahem, again, I love the X-men. I love action. I love powers and I love romance. This book has them all and then some more. I was completely good with the ending of the second book, but since there's a third, who am I to complain? haha. I didn't even know that there's a third book coming until very recently when a friend tagged me (you know who you are! thanks!). This has been a joyful and exciting ride for me. The best was knowing that Ms. Wright will give these characters a happily ever after. I knew that based on the pattern of her past books, so I was pretty comfortable.

The story here follows up pretty much to where they left off in the last book. They were to be crowned as the "high couple" and they were having a hard time preparing for that. Of course with all the complications like: vampire-turned-zombie-like beings, Umbridge-like people from the Prelature which somehow reminds me (forgive me for the Harry Potter terminologies) a lot of The Ministry of Magic... they were not able to focus a lot on the coronation.

Sam is still a homicidal bitch. She likes hurting mean people, but in this book, she had to have a lot of self control. Her status as a hybrid helped her a lot in this book, so I'm really thankful that the brothers in book 2 didn't reverse what they did to her. It helped her make a statement on the other vampires. Jared is also thankful for it. Unfortunately, this book also showed both Jared's and Sam's weaknesses. They were both jealous in this book and they both lacked self preservation. I'm just glad that their bond seems to be extra strong, so there's not a chance of them leaving each other.

It was very good to read about the squad again. Their loyalty is still as unwavering as ever and they are still hilarious. I love how they proved to be very good soldiers and I really love how they respect Sam.

The other chacters were very essential to he growth of this series. I like the powers of Ava and Paige. I hope to see more of them. I know this is the last of Jared's and Sam's books, but I'm truly hoping that the author will give us more of the other characters' stories. That will mean everything! ♥

Such a great book. ★★★★★ ;)