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Rumor Has It

Rumor Has It - Elisabeth Grace Breath of fresh air.

I'm honestly not tired of rock stars just yet.. but hiphop guys are also welcome. ;)

I didn't think that I will like this book when I started. I thought I'd be giving it a 3 star at best. Boy, was I wrong.

I liked this book not because of its characters. I liked it because of the issues that it tackled. I liked it because it's "timely".

You see, this book tackled 1. social media (in's and out's).. and well, MEDIA in general 2. bullying 3. parent relationship 4. success stories 5. poverty 6. employment 7. addiction 8. fame

I know that with all of those things rolled into one book, there are probably some loopholes in this book. However, the author managed to convey her message regarding these issues loud and clear. I liked how the plot came together like that. Their love story revolved around these things and it was intriguing.

Okay, now let's talk about the characters. The guy? He was okay. He's a typical famous guy who has screwed his way through hollywood. He's dealing with his mom who has addiction issues. He's the typical great brother and he doesn't want his siblings to feel how he felt when he was younger. The thing that made him a bit special to me is that he's a hip hop artist. It's my first time reading about such a character. It was interesting indeed. He was okay up until he threw the girl out because he just jumped to a conclusion, which of course is wrong. Impulsive? check! LOL. I would've liked it if there were more information regarding his family. Hmm.. maybe we'll get updates on the next book.

The girl? Pushover, through and through. The guy said "Spend the night with me." and she did. The guy said sorry he was wrong blah blah blah and she took him back right away not even a minute later. Her redeeming quality lies in the social media fiasco that she experienced. I like how she rolled with it the moment she found the confidence to do so. I like it that she didn't let herself feel bullied any longer. I also like it that she was loyal to the guy. However, it would've been better if she had more of a backbone.

So there. I liked the issues and morals of the story, but I can't say much for the characters. Still a good read though. :)