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Bad for You


It's been a long time since I finished a book in just 2 hours. This book really... blew my mind!!

Krrrrrrriiiittt!!!! I just wanna hug you and hug you and hug you some more!!!!

Today, happiness is KRIT!!!!

I didn't know that I'd like a character in this series as much as I loved Cage, but there you go. Krit is my amazing, tortured yet cute hero!

Okay, let's break it down.

Blythe is a very good heroine, by the way. With the way she was treated, I expected her to be closed off, hating people. Instead, she just hated her self a little more each day because she thought she was undeserving. It was ingrained in her that she's not good enough and that she's not beautiful. HELL NO. She's totally deserving of all the good things because she grew up to be a beautiful woman, inside and out.

I hated her ummm.. foster parents. They are indeed monsters. I'm almost sad that the foster mom died right away. I would've liked to have someone bash her head. Hmmm.. but maybe spher character was killed right away because she's so bad? HAH!! See? Bad guys die right away, even in books!

When she met Krit, she instantly warmed up to him. It was THAT type of insta-attraction that leaves you shouting, squeeing because it's so cute! Gosh! Imagine... the pure and not so pure. awwwwwwww MFEO!!!

Krit on the oher hand also thought that he was undeserving. He had a bad childhood and he did so many things that he regrets. His addictive personality warned him off from Blythe at first. Others might say that Krit shoulda made a move right away, but to me, it was very good that they became FRIENDS first. It helped them build a nice relationship foundation. I even wanted this book to have more details about the time wherein they were just hanging out like neighbors.

They were fine with the friendship thing, but as Green says, "Krit, meet jealousy, it's a bitter bitch".. Thus, began the pursuing! ;D

I tell you though, Krit is possessive. He is also emotional. :)

For some reason, Krit reminds me of Travis Maddox. There's a scene here when Krit went on rage because Blythe left. He trashed their apartment and his sister had to get him. I had strong flashbacks of when Abby left Travis. However, Krit has ADHD, so I guess that's partly a reason?

The complications in this book are quite.. hmm.. small compared to the other books in the series. Maybe that's why I liked it.

The number of pages was a piece of cake too. I want to ask Abbi about this. Why is the book so short? It could've been better if it was longer. DETAILS. I WANT MORE DETAILS. haha. ;)

Anyway, the story is good. The characters are AWESOME.


5 STARS!!!