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Seducing Lauren

Seducing Lauren - Kristen Proby Nicely done! :)

I have been waiting for Ty's story since Josh's book came out. I just knew Ty would be as interesting!

To be very honest, I think Ty is such a typical guy. I think the author was successful in making me believe that Ty really exist. He's so believable. His character is that of a guy that any woman would truly fall for. He's sweet, thoughtful, quite badass in the courtroom and out of it, kind of imperfect in some ways, but very, very lovable.

Lauren is also lovable in her own right. She's a closet author... which is more of a necessity because of certain circumstances. She's so nice, has a backbone and umm.. well she's hot. Haha! I can imagine her bod and it's just made to make boys weep. Gosh! I like her because she's so invested on her future and she doesn't hide from bad things. Backbone babe, backbone. :)

The plot is well written. I enjoyed seeing the characters from previous books. It's also quite steamy as with all of Miss Proby's books. The conflict didn't come out a surprise, but it's still something to ponder on. The bad guy is a true blue ass! He got what he deserved if you ask me! That incident near the end made me want to castrate him myself!!

Anyway, all in all.. I enjoyed reading this. It made my day. I smiled, laughed, had mushy feelings and I fell in love again. :)