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Fighting to Forget

Fighting to Forget - J.B. Salsbury EMOTIONAL.

First page? BROKE MY HEART. :( It just... It's intense. :(

I was swept away by an emotional torrent by this book. I can't imagine ever living the way these two people did. It's so.. I'm sorry for the term, but it's just so fucked up. I am so glad that they had each other back then... and then found each other again.

Everything in this book is intense.

The way Rex fight? INTENSE.

The way Gia wants to protect Rex from everything? INTENSE.

The way they were brought up? INTENSE.

The way they were separated? INTENSE.

The way they saw each other again? INTENSE.


It was also entertaining with all the hardness of Gia's personality as well as the vulnerability of Rex's. As for Gia... I really think she's some kind of a body guard for Rex. That or a guardian angel. Rex surely is a lucky, lucky guy.

Some people would say that Rex is really broken and his character seems... a little too weird. I also thought like that at some point, but then again, I thought about everything that he's been through.. and then I'm like.. Who'd be so strong and so normal after that? I'm even awed that Gia could stay on her feet too. The characters are both strong. I'm so sure that y'all would like either one of them.

The plot is good and very much filled with revelations. I'm sure fans would be knocked off their feet. The mystery of Rex's past is just... too agitating. I wanted to get to the bottom of it right away. However, if I've learned something from reading books... it's that all becomes worth it to the person who waits. :)

This book is damn good. I'm so excited for the next book in this series. I'm sure that whoever's next would have a great story too. That's just the way it goes in the Fighting series.