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Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect - Alison G. Bailey 5 DRAMATIC STARS

Past Imperfect is a book that needs all of your patience. From the title itself, you would know that this is a story that is full of imperfections. Imperfect... and yet... there's something that will get you hooked on this book. I can't exactly say which part, but yes, you will feel like you have to read more.

I have been very interested with Brad from the first book. He's the nice-but-not-so-nice boyfriend there. When I learned about his past in this book, I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for his parents' attitude towards him, sorry for THAT THING that he went through, sorry because he's feeling inadequate, sorry because at first he thought that the woman he loved didn't love him back. Just... sorry.

When he grew up to be the man that he is, I just felt so proud. I know that he didn't change under better circumstances. In fact, he changed during the worst situation, but the main point is that he did... and when he did.. GOSH! He became a swoon-worthy guy.. so sweet, so nice, soooo funny, so tough and yet so scared to lose the girl he loved most.

On the other hand, we have Mabry. Mabry's character and I have this love-hate relationship. She has a very depressing past. When I say very depressing, I mean VERY DEPRESSING. /b>I know that I'm supposed to understand her. I also know that I should understand her condition, but it was just so hard to look past what she's doing to herself and focus on the good things. :(

What I just liked about her is that she was willing to do things differently with Brad. She was willing to change. However, circumstances got in the way and I felt so sorry for her. I'm so happy that she did what she did at the last part of the book. I think it helped her lots.

Together, these two battle their demons. It was tough on both ends. I felt their frustration and I felt their want to just be together and they overcame everything. They did that so perfectly that the ending was so grand. This book will make you drop it for a second or two then pick it up again because you just feel as if you have to know what will happen to them next. I swear, if you reach the end part, you'll be glad that you read on. The author made it perfect for them. :)

Kudos to Ms. Bailey! Wonderful, wonderful book. ❤
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