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Girl in Love


These two country artists made my whole week!

I followed Kylie and Trace's story from books 1 and 2 that I feel as if I'm already close to the two characters. I feel like I know them. Do you know what I mean? I'm being my creepy self, making out characters into real people.. but yeah, I feel as if I really know them. It's a nice feeling. Especially because I trusted that the author will give me a great ending. She didn't disappoint. :)

After THAT ending of the second book, I really had to grab the third one. I wanted to find out how their story will be concluded.

Kylie and Trace sort of ended things on book 2, so I was automatically looking forward to their "getting back together" scene. I thought that they would immediately get back together like in chapter 2 or something, but NO. The author had a different plan. She made me wait. A LOT. I can't say that I didn't like it though. I think they needed a lot of time apart. They needed to know more things about themselves. However, that doesn't erase the fact that I was also frustrated towards both of them.

It's a love-hate relationship to me since I hated that they just couldn't make up, say their "I love yous" and just make me happy... but I loved their "I want you bad, but I can't say it" scenes.

I ate up all the internal monologues like when Trace didn't really say what he wanted to say.

"Because I love you. I miss you. I need you and I can't stand having to be on the same planet as you if I can't have you."

Yes, that's just one of Trace's uber sweet internal monologues! Isn't that the cutest? Awww-inspiring?

Gosh, if only Kylie knew this right away. She wouldn't have moped around like a robotic-love-sick-zombie. Yes, she literally lost her will to have a great life. When I read her POV's before they got back together, it was like reading the POV of a completely different character. She was so outspoken in book 2 that I found it hard to cope with the drastic change in her.

Eventually, I understood where she's coming from. I just rooted for her and waited.. and waited.. and waited for her to just throw herself on Trace or something. ;p

Trace on the other hand, did a very good job of avoiding temptation after his stint in rehab. I love how willing he was to change for Kylie. He also was figuring out if Kylie was also a trigger. Personally, I think Kylie could be an anchor for him to keep sober. I wanted him to just be open to Kylie regarding his problem. I think Kylie would've taken him no matter what.

Even though they didn't get back together right away, I still had fun reading about his jealous scenes. Sorry, but I really would've preferred if Steven really went for Kylie and Kylie becomes confused with the two of them. Am I seriously asking for a love triangle? Nah. haha. I don't think I can handle that. Trace overcame his insecurities though and when he finally found the courage to talk to Kylie,

Anyway, not only is Trace a good guy towards Kylie... I also admire him so much because he is a SUPER BIG BROTHER. SUPER like Superman! haha. He can just do anything for his family. I love that best because it shows just how caring he can be.

All in all, The story was a bit predictable, corny in some chapters, frustrating sometimes... but still, IT WILL HOLD YOUR INTEREST (ahem, my interest would be Trace, so.... haha! ).

Giving love a second chance was always hot to me... now it became hotter and more meaningful!

Please give this one a shot if you haven't already. It's worth your time, money and effort. :)

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