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Secrets in Blood

Secrets in Blood - Patricia D. Eddy 4.5

Why am I one of the FEW reviewers of this book? It deserves a lot more praises and maybe a pat on the back or something.

Seriously, If you want a decent vampire book, read this.

What's in it for you?

✔ Action
✔ Adventure
✔ A deep story line
✔ Badass heroine and hero
✔ Drama
✔ Romance
✔ Hotness factor - maybe 7/10
✔ Humor
✔ Lessons on Italian language

My friend strongly recommended this. I am very thankful that I gave it a shot because I can now tell my other friends that I found a good Vamp novel in the NA era. :)

About the story...

The introduction part of this book shouldn't be missed. It was interesting for me. It gave me a little background of the two different parties. The first time the hero and heroine SHOULDN'T be missed too. It's very crucial and would play a big role in the story.

You see, Nicola is a very vampire when they met, while Eva was still very young. Time passes and unknowingly, they form some sort of bond with each other. It was beautiful and also quite terrifying for Eva because she's a human who was taught that all vampires want to eat people. LOL.

Anyway Eva is special so she eventually gets over everything and trusts Nic with all she has. The story progresses with lots of surviving, action and "I-want-him/her-but-I-can't-have-him/her" scenes (push-pull, really). The arrival of the other characters also made this book more interesting.

The ending was a bit... hmmm.. unexpected. I would've wanted another ending for Eva's dad, but I guess that so long as he's dead, I'm happy.

All in all, this was a pretty good start to a series. I wish for the next book right away! ^_^