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Rush Too Far

Rush Too Far - Abbi Glines It feels like I'll be reviewing this book all over again since I read it in Blaire's POV... Because of this, I decided to just write a letter to Rush. Like a fan girl, a concerned citizen or a wanna-be-friend of Blaire.

Dear Rush,

I like you. I don't love you-love you like I love Woods and Grant, but I like you. I like you because I know you try really hard to show Blaire that she's important and because you want to make up for everything that she lost early in life. I like you because you make me hope for a guy like you - A guy who's protective, yet still a charmer. A guy who still wants to do everything for his girl and a guy who can show his emotions to a girl without a care in the world.



First, let me tell you how I find NAN a very effective enemy. She makes my blood boil just by being present in a scene. She makes my skin crawl with disgust over her attitude. She kind of represents all that is wrong with women these days. Selfishness, crudeness and the fact that they think there's always an excuse for things they do. Like daddy issues. LOL. *okay breathe* To make it short, Rush, I DO NOT... I REPEAT, I DO NOT.. LIKE YOUR SISTER. She gets to me like no other villain does.

So it's safe to say that I kind of also hated you because you were directly responsible for her being such an incredible I'm-a-princess-and-I-rule-this-world type of girl. If you didn't pamper her all those years, I don't think she would've turned out to be such a... monster. In the first 3 books for you and Blaire, I hated that you would just drop everything and run to your sister. I hated that you had to feel so responsible for her at every turn and not care about others when she has an emergency. Again, that is in the first three books.

Now, you told us your story and I forgive you. I like it that you know how you are, in some ways, one of the reasons why Nan is like that. I like it that you admit to yourself that Blaire had lots of reasons to hate you. I like it that your POV is so honest and spot on. I like it that I like you more now because I understand you more.

Anyway, I wish you and Blair a happy life because you both deserve it. I would wish a life without Nan for the both of you, but maybe that would make you feel irritated so.. *steps back*, I'll wish it silently. haha!

Take care!

xo Hazel