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Last Second Chance

Last Second Chance - Caisey Quinn HOT AND OH! WHAT A MESS!

An ARC was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

If you don't like characters who go off the field of normalcy or characters who are over the top messed up.. maybe this book isn't for you.

The question is, Do I like those types of characters?

Hmmm... I do like them and anticipate their REDEEMING factors. This is what I got from Last Second Chance. I got characters who are worthy of redemption.

Drug addiction is always a hard topic for me to swallow. It's tough because I personally know a few people who battles with this beast everyday. Books like these tend to be close to my heart. The acceptance of the characters (the addict and the people around him/her) is always what I'm waiting to read about. Reading this book made me feel better because it's a reminder that somewhere out there, people are really helping and it's good to know that.

Okay, so now let's talk about the characters.

Van is on the verge of falling. He's falling to the underground pit that is drugs. He needs to shape up, figure out what he really wants in life. He has a very.. um.. unpleasant past, so that makes him such a sad guy. He hides that sadness or loneliness under the a-hole persona that he has as a leader of the band. As he tries to find his last second chance, he meets Stella Jo who also has some issues of her own. She used to ride horses, but something happened that made her stop. In away, I would say that Stella is also trying to figure out what she wants in life.

I think both characters were lost until they found each other in the Second Chance Ranch.

It sounds good eh? Them finding each other part?

The problem is, Stella works for that institution while Van is a patient.. err.. client.

In a scale of 1-10, how big of a problem is that?

I'd say 15.

I admit, while reading this, I felt the thrill of "sneaking out". I felt like somehow, I was with the characters and I'm just waiting for someone to see them then they'd be busted. Haha! However, I also felt scared because I know the risk that they are both undertaking. Van's and Stella's career are both at stake, so my heart was thumping with every ummm.. "sneaking-out" scene! I swear! They surely broke lots of rules, but I guess that's also one thing to look forward to. See how they would resolve the secrecy problem. ;p

I don't read much of office / work place romance, but I truly enjoyed this. I don't know what it is about VANELLA.. hahahah VAN AND STELLA! One thing for sure though, this book is hot! Like really hot! The scenes are just.. oohlala! ;)

The ending is satisfying. I like how they finally found their paths. The drug addiction dilemma couldn't be solved in one click, I know that, so they still have a rough path ahead of them THE EPILOGUE IS GREAT. I love that they still do what they both want to do TOGETHER. It's a good wrap up of events.


All in all, this was a hot, enjoyable and meaningful read.