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A Grimm Warning

A Grimm Warning  - Chris Colfer This has got to be one of the most adventurous books that I've ever read in my life so far.

NOTE: I have been a fan of this series from the start, so if this review comes across as biased, I'll say it deserves my utmost praises just like all the books in the series!!!

Now onto the review...

Just how have the characters grown?

I would say that Connor has become more serious in life. That's probably because he doesn't have Alex to straighten him out all the time now. I love just how he interacts with people now. He seems more... refined. More adult-ish. :) Oh and he has developed a crush!!! If that's not a proof of growth, then I don't know what is. haha!

Alex is more concerned... about everything really. She's more aware of the people around her and bases her decision on them. I like it that she has come a long way, but doesn't forget where she came from. Indeed she is humble and also kind of... regal? Ahh, I don't know how to describe it. She's just more of an active participant in the council, so everytime she speaks, it has power in it now. :) And yes, she has a boy! I mean I don't know what they really are.. but there definitely is a boy. Unfortunately, there are complications at the end of this book. Complications that I hope can still be straightened out in time.... and by saying time, I mean I hope it will be okay IN THE NEXT BOOK! ^_^

The story?

If you ask me what this book is all about, I'll say it's all about a warning. A Grimm Warning is just what it says. It's the GRIMM BROTHERS warning our characters that something bad is bound to happen.. and soon! Alex and Connor face adventures on their own. They meet new people along the way, get a glimpse of the other characters from the past books and catch up with them.. Connor even travels far, far away! On a plane this time! Anyway, they also get to be reunited, but it's bitter sweet. :') You'll see when you read it. Together they face a truly big adversary... thousands of them!!! I was kinda curious as to how they would defeat quite a large number of bad men. Trust me.. it's awesome! I like how the entire population of the fairy tale world seemed willing to help everyone out. The ending, as with the first two books, gave way to more questions WHICH SHOULD BE ANSWERED IN THE NEXT ONE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Don't get me wrong, it was wrapped up nicely, but I just want to know a little tidbit... WHO IS THE MASKED MAN FOR GOODNESS SAKE??!!!

In the second installment of this series, I was so sad because Connor and Alex were parting ways. I was worried that I wouldn't see much of Alex or of Connor. I shouldn't have worried though because the author.. oh that author! He truly made it worthwhile because the characters stayed oh so close through it all. :)

I'm giving this a perfect 5 because of everything it has. Adventure, drama, action, hilarious moments, mystery, even romance!

One great read!