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Descent - Kallie Ross Awesome adventure!
Grand start for a series!

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

I'll be frank. I read this book firstly because the cover is intriguing and awesome and secondly because the blurb sounded the the movie "Journey to the center of the world". I like.. no, I LOVE adventure books. I like reading about new places, new creatures and new types of people. Falling from the face of the Earth and ending up meeting people who are living underground without all the modern stuff that we're enjoying right now? THAT definitely fits the bill.

Our characters are typical teens who are undecided in their lives. Ollie just came back from a far off place and had just finished licking her wounded heart. Mateo is her best friend who hasn't been talking to her since she got back. Jesse is Mateo's jokester of a brother and lastly, Alexis who's Ollie's friend and Jesse's kind of ex girlfriend.

This is the story of these four friends who suddenly find themselves in an entirely different environment. I lower, deeper and far off place. They encounter tribal people who are not all that welcoming. Well, one is very welcoming.. Gabriel (the hot dude). He accompanies them into their journey back to the "surface". They get to see many new things, like floating lights above their heads, plants that poison people, goats who don't look exactly like goats, very big scorpions and people who eat bats! It's all very bizarre and very exciting. The author is very good at making people imagine what she wants them to see. The descriptions are vivid that it's as if I'm really in THAT place. It's surreal.

They get to meet other tribe members and needless to say, their interaction is interesting because of the conflict that occurs between modern people and historic ones. You can just imagine the adjustment for both parties. The story gradually unfolds and in the end, we are left with more mysteries and a promise of more adventures to come.

I guess I also have to point out that I liked everything in this book except for the love triangle thingy. I haven't been into that for a long time and it didn't change in this book. However, don't be deterred because in all fairness, the main story pretty much swallows the love triangle, so it's all good.

All in all, this is a grand start of a promising series. It's unique and enticing. I recommend this to those who love adventure books. :)