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Right Kind of Wrong

Right Kind of Wrong - Chelsea Fine Is there a right kind of wrong?

In my book.. there is.. and his name is JACK. I'd like to start off with his character because man, oh man... I DARE YOU NOT TO BE SHOCKED when you read all about him. I double dare you not to blink twice and think "what the hell?!". He is the shocker of this series. The dark horse and the new love of my fiction fangirl life. I am in awe because I cannot imagine this book without his... air of mystery. I do believe that he's the heart of this book. :)

Don't get me wrong.. Jenna is also a strong character in her own right. She knows how to hold it in, I give you that. Her feelings are all bottled up and she hates showing it. She is just like so many women who live in the modern world. Let's admit it, times have changed how we perceive ourselves. We like to think that we definitely don't need men. Jenna is like that. Women would relate to her because she's just like us. She's insecure, she's a planner (which God knows I am too... ugh) and she wants to be independent. She has her reasons and I understand it. I can't say I was happy that she was always ignoring Jack, but I understand the reason behind it.

Okay.. so let's move on to the plot first. The plot is ordinary at first (sorry, my dear Miss Fine). It was only about a guy trying to convince the girl he really, and I MEAN REALLY likes that she likes him back and that they are worth the shot. They are given one golden opportunity to be with each other in the confinement of a car and we all know that a lot of things happen when two people are inside a car... a lot like the constant sexual tension between the two characters. It was already a good read by that time. They constantly bicker and the girl just wouldn't give in. Their banters are hilarious. Jenna the evader and Jack the adorable one... I thought I already had it all figured out.

me on chapter 9: "Hah! Jenna would definitely give in.. Jack is just so adorable.. too cute with his thoughts about her."

and then suddenly:

me on chapter 11: "Wait, what??!! DOUBLE WTF!! Who is this badass all dark and rugged-like guy?!" ---> I SWEAR I HAD TO RE-READ THIS PART!!!

And on it went for the next chapters... It was all about meeting this new Jack and then meeting his family... I was there with Jenna. I was totally there with her, trying to make some sense into what I've just discovered. I was there when she liked his family and I was there when he liked hers. I was there when Jack was really down because he thought Jenna wouldn't want him back after everything that has happened. Jenna was truly struggling. Here was the man that she likes and the she finds out something about this guy that just made her like him more. She was all over the place, but I was soooo there when Jenna started accepting Jack for what he is... and I was there for every moment in between.

One thing that can be said about the way Jenna solidified their relationship in the end though is that it's a bit corny. I'm being very honest here.. this is how I felt, but I didn't think too long and hard about it. It is what it is... kind of corny... just like a lot of books with successful love stories. I admit, I'm a sucker for this ;D

To wrap this up.. here's a list of what I got from this book:

✔ You don't need a man to live, but you need a partner to love. :)
✔ Sometimes, people really aren't what they seem to be on the outside and that's not always a bad thing.
✔ The best people are not the perfect ones, but the ones who still strive for perfection after all bad shiz that life has thrown their way.
✔ I COULD STILL BE SHOCKED. hahaha! I love, love you for this Miss Fine! :)

I recommend this to all who want to be surprised.. to those who want to read about a girl who's just like us and to those who just want to fall in love.

I was given an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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