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Alec - L.A. Casey “I believe that the measure of my soul is my capacity to love imperfect people.”
― Joseph Grenny

This is perfectly imperfect. I had a heartfelt journey with this book. I've been waiting for this since I finished Dominic.. been pimping it out for so long too... and now that his story is told... It feels surreal.

The plot is way lighter than Dominic's, but it's still as interesting. The ending will make you jump out of your seat because it's just... so unexpected.

Anyway, onto the characters!

ALEC. I love him. I love everything about him, I love how he takes everything in a stride. I love how so unlike-Dominic he is, not that I don't like Dominic, it's just that I would hate it if they were just plain similar.. and um... dare I say I like him more than Dominic because he's not as hot-tempered? I love how he has that NEVER ENDING HUMOR and I love that he's unaffected by things. I love how he is able to pacify Keela with just a few humorous words. I love that he stands for what he truly is and he's okay with what everyone else would think. I love how patient he is with Keela and I love that he doesn't pretend. I love his imperfect past as well as his striving-to-be-perfect-present-and-future. I love so many things about him that I could forgive just about everything he does wrong. I don't care what bad things other people say about Alec. I love him. I just love him.

Negative comments about him are not welcome and would be deleted. Thanks.

I love Keela too. She's no pushover. She's so like Bronagh in that aspect, only milder because she doesn't have anger issues. I also love her because she's so much like many women in the world. I confess to you all that I am almost always in the verge of crying when someone shouts directly at me. It's either I cry, or I go hysterical. Keela is like that. She somehow emotional. I don't like that she cries a lot.. I just like it that she does. Makes her more human. Lastly, I love, love, more than love that she passes no judgement. She accepted Alec as what he is and given the gravity of their situation in the end, she held on and chose to forgive. I think it's a damn good measure of character when a person forgives.

Oh and I like her because she's a dog lady. hahahha! ;)

So there... This book made me happy, sad, laugh out loud, tear up, angry and then happy again and then frustrated and then happy again. haha! A real, mean roller coaster! You would appreciate Alec's humor all throughout and you would definitely root for the Slater brothers. They are hilarious! :) I look forward to all of the next things that this author has to offer.. I love her characters to Neptune and back.

All in all.. come give this a try if you like romance with full on humor and some thrill-action. And when you do try to read this... Please, please finish it. The end part will make a whole lot of difference.