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Lord of the Fading Lands

Lord of the Fading Lands - C.L. Wilson This was an epic read for me.

I truly recommend this book to those who love fantasy, romance and action.

Lord of the Fading Lands is not such a surprise to me. I mean, I knew I would love this because I loved C.L. Wilson's Winter King. I am usually skeptic when it comes to a series with the same hero+heroine, but with this one, I totally trust that I will not be bored during the rest of the series. It holds a lot of possibilities for the next books! :)

The characters are so interesting! I got to read about Ellie's present.. how she is with people and how she is with herself. I like her even though she has low expectations of herself. I like how she cares for people. I like that she's like so many other women who have lots of insecurities, but still stand for what they believe in. Rain on the other hand, is your perfect noble warrior. He's awesome not only for fighting off bad sorts, but for being so protective of Ellie too. I love him because one can really see his efforts behind pursuing Ellie. I love, love, just plain love him for being so cute with Ellie, yes cute.. He's like a teenage boy sometimes with Ellie... it's so much fun to read about!!! There are hot scenes here guys, but you must be patient! Don't worry, their adventure and sweet moments will make up for that!

I also love her quintet! THEY ARE ALL AMAZING AND SOOO CUTE!! I love them because they make this book more colorful and full of laugh-out-loud moments. ;) I swear, if one of them dies, I will cry. T_T

There are far too many complications in this book, but I look forward to resolving that of Ellie's mysterious past. I want to know how Rain will react to it and I want to see how Ellie would accept it.

This is a grand mixture of love, magic, politics, historical vibe and humor! I enjoyed every bit of it. :)

5 stars!!!

I actually started with the next one before doing this review. Haha! So far so good! ^_^