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Blocked - Jennifer Lane This book reads like a movie.

I actually feel like I've watched a movie like She's the man, Freaky Friday, Lizzie McGuire or A Cinderella story.

Don't get me wrong, this book has a way different plot from those movies, but the feeling while and after reading it? Close enough. They make you feel happy and sad for the main characters and then they make you feel all gooey inside because of the love part... but ultimately, there always are lessons to be learned.

Let me break it down...


Needless to say, I love movies that look easy on the outside, but is way deeper once you watch it. The same goes for books. I thought that this one would generally be a refreshing, yet a very, very light read. Well IT IS refreshing... It's just not that "light" read that I expected. The complications weren't so heavy that I felt depressed while reading it. It's more like I understand the gravity of their situation. Mind you, the issues tackled in this book are pretty serious. I read about politics, infidelity, parent-child relationship, panic attacks, stress management etc. However, the author magically addresses all of those issues. I say magic because I know in my heart that they are serious, but I didn't find them too saddening. The author managed to make her characters so solid that I trusted them to always do the right thing.

What could be worse than living with the child of your parent's rival for elections? That's the dilemma of both of our characters. On top of that, they have the secret service always breathing down their necks. They are also both trying to do their best in their volleyball teams. We can just imagine the amount of stress! This story is about their journey to finding the right balance in their life. It's about them accepting themselves and also the fact that not all people believe what they believe in.


I actually enjoyed reading this book mainly because of its characters. I think I've been reading about the same type of characters that this book comes out as refreshing to me. I mean.. volleyball players who are both children of two people running for presidency? WHAT A BOMB!

Our main characters Lucia and Dane are polar opposites when it comes to beliefs. They live and breathe what their families taught them, which is of course, just normal. Besides that, I don't think there are bigger differences. They both play volleyball, they train hard and think loads and loads about their team and their sport. They are also both very loyal to their families. They each have issues though... you have to read how they handle every one of them!

As for the other characters... They are all needed to create a book like this. I am glad for the characters because they had a good support system. Take the psychologist Dr. Valentine for example, she's a very good part of this book. I like how she was able to get inside both characters without being so invasive or judgmental. I also like the parents of both parties. It was obvious that even though they had their personal problems, they were all thinking about their children. Their interaction with each other was so realistic. Imperfect, but realistic. They all made this book more colorful and more enjoyable. :)


I can truly admit that I didn't like Dane at the start of this book. He was such a prick to Lucia. I also didn't 100% like Lucia because she was a slave to what other people thought about her. I mainly hated it when they argued over their beliefs. I know that it's bound to happen, but it's hard to read about it. I have never been a fan of politics, but in this case.. I had to Google some terms since my knowledge when it comes to American politics is zero to none. I was gritting my teeth because both of them have valid points.

Oh well...

When they're not busy arguing, they are busy ogling each other. I don't believe in the love at first sight scenario. It's much better to believe in the "like-at-first-sight" and that's what happened here. These two were attracted to each other straight away, but they both hid it because of 1.) Their clashing beliefs 2.) Their clashing parents .. Well. we all know what happens when attraction simmers on the inside. It can't be helped. When they finally let it all out... Man oh man!! It was very sweet! :)

I like how their characters developed until the end and I like their relationship. I think they have a rough road ahead of them, but I firmly believe that these two can overcome everything. With that rocky start? I'm sure their next issues would just be easy peasy. :)



Even a little glimpse of their future would be oh so welcome! #pleaseauthorplease

For everyone: This one doesn't end with a cliffhanger. There's a happy ending. There's just something that I want to know..... haha!

Read it and you'll understand. :)

So there.. all in all.. I give this: 4.5 fairy wings!! ^_^

I was provided with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.