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Frozen - L.A. Casey FROZEN is a book that will make you laugh your ass off. Literally!

I'm a big fan of L.A. Casey. I have read her Slater Brothers books and a big sign that it's her work is the hilarity of the characters. Well, this one might not be a part of her Slater Brothers series, but it's tenfolds funnier!


Hahahaha! Just remembering their scenes in my head makes me crack up big time!

You know when you're having a totally bad day? Like everything is ruined and you just want a breather? I recommend that you pick this up and just read! 'Tis always the season to laugh anyway, so when you laugh so hard you fall off the chair? Guess what, no one will care! Haha!

Oh gosh, I put off reviewing this because really, I don't know what else to say aside from it's so good you'd laugh and laugh read it!


O-kay I'll try to break it down.

The characters are both hilarious! Hahahahahah! Oh my! Let's just say that Neala and Darcy have had a thing for each other for the longest time. They were best buddies, then bam! Not anymore! Suddenly, it all revolved around the fighting, the one-upping and the making-the-other-person-feel-like-hell. Honestly, their families had had enough so they deviced a plan to make these two settle their differences.

It was fun reading about these two. It was sooooo much fun reading about how they kissed and made up. Hahaha! It's interesting, the things they burried within their history of pranks, fights etc. This is a fictional proof that really, you can't see everything on the outside. There's always, always a deeper reason for most things. :) What makes this so damn good is that even though they were addressing problems, it still felt so light.


All in all, I highly recommend this for people who just want to feel good and laugh their assess off! ^_^

Perfect 5!!!