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The Last Changeling

The Last Changeling - Chelsea Pitcher This book is very, very enigmatic.

I would say that it's written differently among other fairy books that I've read. It's a breath of fresh air. This would really make you think because there are blank spaces in the story. You'd really want to know what happened and what will happen.

The characters in this book are quite memorable. Elora, the dark princess is indeed such a force. Reading the book in her POV is such a change of scenery. I'm not really used to the heroine being this dark, but Elora made it all worth it. I am amazed with how she thinks. It's dark, and yet it's hopeful. She talks properly, which is just normal because of her heritage, but aside from that, there's just something about her that will make you root for her. Taylor on the other hand, will make you want to comfort him from the start. He has had a very bad perception of himself from the start. I'm pretty sure I wanted to hug him from the start. He doesn't give himself enough credit.

This story is about the two of them meeting each other and being what the other person needs. I really can't explain their relationship. Even the characters are confused about their relationship so.. haha! I can just tell you that the attraction is there. The way that they interact with each other goes deeper than most friendships, so you must read it. Once again, I really don't know what is it about the two of them that called to me the most. I just know that I wanted them to be together. I wanted them to have a happy ever after even if the circumstance made it so impossible.

This book actually tackles many things like gender equality, labels, parenting, guilt and friendship. I think the downside is that while it wants to take on such topics, there aren't enough pages to completely discuss it. Anyway, it's still a good take. My favorite is the gender equality side. I love Alexia! Haha!

So there... All in all, this book was worth the time. If dark fairies really exist, I want them to be like Elora. :)