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The Low Road

The Low Road - Daniel Kirk Awesome adventure book with the elves!

This was such a great opportunity for me to get back on the saddle for reading middle grade books. I love it because not only does it have lots of good characters, it's full of action and adventure!

The story starts with a bloody break-of-tradition scene which caused elves and um.. supernatural folk to run away and hide from their original home. Many years later, Matt discovers a long sought after relic .. in a.. hmm.. painful way. He's curious enough and brave enough to enter (although not really intentionally), the world of elves, treachery and magic.

Somehow, I feel like Matt isn't the only main character. There's also Tuava-Li who protects the elves' interests and keeps them out of harms way WITHOUT HURTING OTHER PEOPLE. I totally rooted for her because she always, always sides with what she thinks is good.

There are many other characters, but one elf in particular got my hackles rising.. and that's Macta! Ohmy! I swear, I was totally pissed at his character. He's one mean villain, I tell you that. There's also Jardaine with that blasted snake! They made me really root for the good characters. I guess that's also added brownie points for the author because he doesn't only know how to make good main characters, he could also make effective villains!

Anyhoo with the villains set on getting what their hearts desire and the main characters just wanting everything to be alright, all of them find themselves tangled in a big dilemma!

The elves' homeland is falling apart! How would they be able to repair it as well as the inner war that seems to be eating them?

This book follows the characters into a world of complications, fun discoveries, tricks and tricksters, victims and culprits. There were so many mysteries and so many lies. I wanted to uncover them right away, but this book will make you wait in a very good way. It will drag you into a grand adventure!

The ending promises great things for the next one too!

If you like reading about elves, trolls and fairy folk, then this one's for you! I highly recommend this to young people and to the young at heart. :)

All in all, I give this 5 fairy wings!