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#Hater (Hashtag Series Book 2) - Cambria Hebert 4.5
#Hater is a really awesome follow up to #Nerd. ^_____________^

Let me start by saying this with all honesty... When I first found out that the title would be #Hater, I was totally scared that Rimmel and Romeo would hate each other and then I would hate the story too. However, NO. There wasn't any hate from the two main characters. They love, love, just love each other and man oh man, I'm so happy with the growth that they have as individuals and as a couple.

Rimmel is still oh so cute. She's very nice and still thinks a lot of other people before herself. The happy surprise here is that she's more open to other people. She also has more back bone! I like it! Totally! Romeo is A LOT MORE AWESOME and really, really SWEETER in this book. You would swoon! You would also know more about how he is as a son and a friend. :)

In #Hater, we find out more about Rimmel and Romeo. We get to know more about their families too. I truly like Romeo's dad, but his mom? I have to read the third installment to know for sure. As for their friends, I smell trouble and pairings! :)

Oh and Zach? I have strong feelings for him. I extremely dislike him. He's an ass and a complete sicko! I wish him goodfrigginluck inside the jail!

Needless to say, Rim and Romeo go through all of the talk about their relationship. They go through many difficult situations actually that I was always bracing myself, however, both of them AND I MEAN BOTH of them (sorry, I just had to put emphasis on that), HELD ON TO EACH OTHER. I love how they trully value what they have. :) You would see their effort in doing so.

This is a couple that would be so hard to separate.

The ending gives way to a lot of possibilities for the third book. I am looking forward to seeing how these two would handle more trials to their relationship. I'm also looking forward to finding out the truth behind some things about Rimmel's family.

Once again, this is an awesome follow up! Please give me the next book! STAT! ^________^

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.