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Keela - L.A. Casey KEELA is KEELAlicious that's for sure!

This book is indeed hot - that, added to the fact that this is mega hilarious and will make you excited for the next book, is a TRIPPLE THREAT!!!

I'm already putting it all out there by saying that I really like Keela more than Bronagh. ( Sorry, Bronagh.. you were just too violent. I know, I know you're trying to get better, but that doesn't change that I like Keela more, sorry hon! ).

I'll try really hard not to put spoilers. I swear I will. :)

In Alec, Keela is an independent young woman who's heart has been bruised by an ass who married her cousin. She opens up to Alec and his family and becomes a part of the gang. They experience some hardships, but they all get through it. Here in her own book, her thoughts become jumbled. You'll see some residual effects from what happened to her in ALEC. If you ask me, it's bound to happen. She's just human. What I love about her is that she endures it. She could have bolted.. just get up and leave.. but no. She held on and she's very clear that she loves Alec. She's amazing because she's willing to go through all that just for Alec. I'm happy that she has such a hilarious.. I mean HELPFUL support system. :) The girls sure did their part in helping Keela out. I'm so glad that they're there to make our girl see the light. ;p

The boys are also still oh so very hot and man oh man.. FRIGGIN HILARIOUS!!! I'm just quite disappointed that Alec didn't do the... thing that he was supposed to do if... EERRRR THE NO SPOILER RULE IS KILLING MEEEEE. hahahaha

Now to add a bit of mystery to this review, I just have to say that I SUPPORT KEELA'S DECISION. To be able to make such an important, even life-altering decision - I think it's a measure of how well her character has grown. :) Oh, and I'm not at all surprised by Alec's reaction to THAT decision. He's a very, very and I MEAN VERY understanding guy when it comes to Keela. I love how s

Did I accomplish my task of making you want to uncover that mystery? PLEASE TELL ME I DID!!! ^______________________^

This book is also all about the TEASE. YES, TEASE. L.A. CASEY!!! YOU TEASE!!! Hahaha! There's no other word for it. Just TEASE, TEASE, TEASE!!! I SWEAR! She teases us about what's to come for KANE. YOU HAVE GOT TO READ IT AND BE TEASED TOO! ;)

Needless to say, I am sooooo excited for KANE and AIDEN'S book. Ohmygosh! I wanna have now now now now now...


Okay, I'm calm.

Soooooooo here are my 5 teasing fairy wings for this book!

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

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