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Haunted Love

Haunted Love - Jessica Frances
Life is awesome, life is kind... Life interrupted? That's a whole new different story.

NOTE: I firmly believe that I am afraid of death. Ever since I found out the real gravity of death, I have dreaded it. It's this unhealthy fear that I often think of. I don't think I have Thanatophobia, but yeah.. I kind of hate dying. I hate the notion of the people close to me dying. It brings me to tears just thinking about it. More importantly, I hate that I too, would die someday. It would totally suck to leave my loved ones here and pass on. Why am I putting this in my review? It's so you would know why I'm very attached and kind of emotional about this story.

You see, Theresa Bell had a promising life. She had a brother, a good career, kids to teach and a whole life ahead. She was going about her normal life when everything was pulled under her. She died... and not in a good way, not that there's a good way to die, but you know.. There's a less morbid way of dying. That isn't what happened to her, so I think it's just fair that she came back. Yes, she came back. BOY DID SHE COME BACK.

Aiden Mercer is a workaholic. He's a detective with a purpose. He does his job and he does it well. The problem is, he does it too much. Aiden doesn't have a social life. He's always in the station. When he's not working with a current case, he goes back to age-old cases just to see if they missed something. He doesn't talk to his family as much as before. He doesn't even know what's happening in his brother's life. He needed a wake up call and damn if he didn't get one. When Thea suddenly enters his life in her afterlife, his world is shaken and it will never be the same again.

Thea and Aiden go to lengths in order to give justice to her and many others. Their teamwork is surprisingly good for a workaholic detective and a persistent ghost. The author sure made me feel like I already know the killer... but noooo, trust me.... IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW, NO... YOU DON'T. Haha! The mystery is just soooo intriguing and it gets deeper.

The love part sure is sweet. It's gradual. Definitely not abrupt. In fact, Aiden hated Thea at first. He treated her like she was some figment of his tired (REALLY, REALLY TIRED) mind. It's a "slowly-but-surely" scenario. I love that they kind of beat the odds and well... They found their match, granted, in a very unlikely way, but still. :)

What do you do when you're stuck with a ghost 24/7?

You help her as she helps you pick up your life.

You become friends with her...

You like her...

Then you fall in love with her.

But... Do you let her go?

What I also love about this book is how it ended. No matter how otherworldly this book is, the plot made it so that it would stick to reality more. You'll know what I'm talking about once you finish the book. I promise. :)

This is a story that will make you see the things in life that you're missing. In my note above, I said that I'm afraid of dying. I think I'll ammend that and say... I'm afraid of missing something. Missing something means I haven't done everything that I wanted or could have done in my life and that will truly suck. Thea is a character that voices out all the things that we could have done. The what if's, the I should have's... even the I shouldn't have's... it's all here in her story.

So I guess what I'm saying is that you should read this book because it will make you appreciate life and literally live life to the fullest.


That's just it.