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All Played Out: A Rusk University Novel

All Played Out: A Rusk University Novel - Cora Carmack I'm all for TEAM NEO! Best couple of this series so far!

Nell and Mateo couldn't be more different from each other...

But they make it work. They friggin make it look awesome!

What can we, romance readers expect from this book?



Suffice to say those are the things that I kind of expected and GOT!!!!!!

What else can I say?

The story's oh so cute though I didn't like the first dilemma about the other girl. That's the only reason that I'm not giving this a five. It revolves around a girl and a boy with such different interests you'd think they wouldn't even bump into one another. Let's start with the girl... Nell built her entire life in facts and statistics. She's one smart girl, I tell you that. However, while she was building this life, she missed out on a lot of things that comes out naturally for many people. She set out to do this and finds.. well.. finds her self in the middle of something she totally didn't imagine! It's more that what she expected and that's not necessarily bad. :) Now the boy... Mateo.. He's clueless, to me at least. Mateo wants things, but isn't sure if he's out to get it or not so he plays safe. He jokes all the time and just like everyone else who does it, he has a reason for it. Little by little, he opens up to Nell. They both learn how to not let the past dictate their futures and when the worst is over, they manage to find each other. :)

The characters are actually well rounded. There were so many things that the main characters thought at the start of the book that all turned around in the end. I have missed the other characters, so I really thank this book for giving me glimpses of them. STELLA, my Stella... I really wish for her happily ever after. :)

This one's actually quite a light read. If you want to just feel good and fall in love, read this!!!

All I can say at this point is....

Nell & Mateo!!!

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.