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This book is not at all what I expected it to be. I expected the corny kind of love story between a woman from Earth and an alien. I expected this to have a lot of fast, ummm.. intimate scenes too. However, this book proved me wrong.

Grim may be a big badass king alien with all of his might and power, but he's vulnerable. He accepted a long time ago that he isn't fit to have a partner. He isn't fit to have children. He has long since accepted that he's the last of his line. I pity him because when he looks at himself, all he kind of sees is a failure. A badass still, but a miserable badass that is.

Until he comes across Lisa, a single mom with a one track mind when it comes to her children.

Lisa is from Earth. Life didn't go the way she wanted, but she soldiered on because of her children. If you ask me, Lisa is a badass in her own special way too. She endured it all.... Ugh, I can't say what she endured for it will give out big chunks of info.. SPOILERRRSSS.. Soooo yeah, you'll just have to trust me. I promise you that she endured something really awful and it takes a lot of courage to continue living like that.

It's fully explained how she was able to adapt right away to Grim's way of life. It's pretty impressive and amazing how she integrated herself in that situation as well as the kids. Well, no surprise with the kids. Kids are usually resilient. They were all so sweet to Grim that I was touched every time they address Grim.

Their love story isn't your everyday romance. It's even more special because Lisa is the one teaching Grim about the ins and outs. I had fun reading about Grim's slip ups and how fascinated he is with Lisa's Earthly quirks. It was fun as it was also heartfelt. :) They also had an explosive romance! Hah! You have to look forward to it!

What makes this book stand out too is the fact that men in this book AREN'T ALLOWED TO BE @$$#%2*8 TO WOMEN.It's strictly forbidden because women are scarce (AND I MEAN SCARCE) already. They have to treat their women as the treasure they truly are. However, in doing so, they gave too much power in their women that they don't know how to appreciate what they're given anymore. In this book, Lisa and the others will start changing their perspectives regarding the roles of women in contrast to that of a man.

All in all, this is an amazing book with lots of life and family lessons to learn. ;) Hot and explosive too! What more can you ask for?