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Transcendence - Shay Savage MOST DEFINITELY A DIFFERENT READ!!!

It's amazing when you still find a unique story after thousands of books.


Where do I even begin?

Let's just say that it's all about a pre historic man who finds himself a mate who's from a very modern time. He teaches her all about his world while she teaches him some things that she can from the modern times. It's as awesome as it's heartfelt.

I love how they slowly cared for each other. It wasn't something forced and it wasn't super fast. They slowly gained the trust and love of each other. Even with their differences and language barrier, they got to a point wherein they were patient with each other and tried hard to understand the other. They slowly but surely built a family for themselves and it's just plain beautiful. I also love that the author showed just how brutal the life conditions in the past could be. It made me appreciate what we have now and it made me thank a lot of people before me for bringing this kind of life TODAY.

I also have to say.. with all the seriousness of this book, it's also sweet AND DAMN HILARIOUS. There were just so many times wherein I laughed so hard with both of their reactions to one another. All I can say is, laughter cures everything, even the trauma of being transported to another time/world. :)

I had complete faith that the author will give me a beautiful ending and that's what I had. It's damn beautiful!!! I wanted to read the book again right away!!

Ahhh.. It's so hard to describe everything that I've read. I'm afraid I'm not coherent enough. All I know is that this is a must read. It's unique, it's brutal, it's enticing, it's hot, it'll teach you many things and you'll feel an array of emotions. It's worth everything!

I'll recommend this to anyone who'll listen!!!!!!!!

READ THIS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!