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The Blast

The Blast - Sarah Perlmutter 4.5

THE BLAST tells us a story of a girl who made herself hard as steel and brave as a soldier.

Going into this book, I didn't know what to expect. I already know that I considered Hunger Games as the best dystopian book. However, hunger game was all about the nitty gritty things, while this one is all about the good things to look forward to. I'm not saying that it didn't have bad things in it. I'm just saying that the point of this book is all about the end result which is to have a brighter future for everyone.

In short, this has a happy ending. :)

Sorry if some of you will find that to be a spoiler, but I just had to get it out there.

Let me try to break it down.

Our heroine might just be the youngest (well, when it started) dystopian heroine I've ever read about. She was of course, innocent and all before the blast. She just wanted to play outside for crying out loud. Then suddenly, everything changes. Everything isn't how it used to be, everything isn't how it's supposed to be. In my opinion, she grew up FAST right after the blast. Her mind adapted quickly to the changes that came to their lives. She learned how to arm herself, how to fight, how to scavenge and how to not trust anybody besides her family. I think her best trait is her sense of survival. She has an inherent view of what could happen if she did/didn't do something. She's awesome!

The other characters have very unique set of traits. For example, we have Beatrice's best friend, Ellie. She's the hearts and flowers type. Complete opposite of Ellie, but they get along. I actually love their friendship. With the way that they grew up after the blast, I expected for them to drift apart or even fight, but no, these characters are tight. There's also Beatrice's parents... mygawd ain't they the pair! Strong parents! Strong, no-nonsense parents. If I call Beatrice a survivor, it's all thanks to her parents. The other characters especially the boys also have stories to tell. You can't miss them. I don't love what happened to them, but I like their camaraderie.

The story is all about them trying to find a piece of normalcy after everything that happened to them.This is about survival, fighting while trying to find where you stand.

I don't want to give out spoilers regarding what went on in the story.

However, I can tell you this: It's heartfelt.

I cried so many times.

But I also smiled at some point.

I guess that's how I would describe this book.

It's sad, what with the world ending and all, but it's still beautiful.